Will the Civic Coalition introduce double indexation of pensions?  Poles have doubts [SONDA]

Politicians during the election campaign Civil Coalition He announced a number of changes that will support retirees and retirees. These measures included, among other things, the introduction of a second interest index in cases where inflation exceeds 5%. This hypothesis was included in the list of the so-called “100 specialities,” that is, the projects that will be implemented as a priority after the formation of the government. Although the left was also responsible for a similar change, this promise was not included in the coalition agreement.

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Poles do not trust the promises of the civil coalition? The poll shows a high level of disagreement

Commissioned by the Pollster Research Institute “Super Express” He conducted a survey in which participants answered whether, in their opinion, the KO hypothesis would be implemented by the coalition government. The opinions of the participants were divided. But most of them indicated that they do not believe that the promised change will be implemented if the coalition comes to power.

“During the election campaign, the Civic Coalition promised to introduce double indexation of pensions when inflation exceeds 5 per cent. Do you think this promise will be kept if Labor forms a new government?” – Was the question asked to the study participants? Turns out 55% were skeptical. Respondents. The remaining 45% believe in executing the request. Respondents. The opinion poll was conducted on the seventh and eighth days November On a sample of 1,014 Polish adults.

KO and left politicians did not clearly indicate the conditions under which double indexing of pensions would take place. In October, we reported that the Coalition Party had taken several variations of this solution. Someone assumed that the second indexation of the utility would take place in September or October. It will also depend on a different indexing index. Increases in pensions would then be equal to either the level of inflation or its surplus exceeding 5%. The second alternative assumes the indexation of shares. However, the condition is that inflation exceeds the 5% threshold. Before the end of the first half of the year.

Expert on the prospects for retirees in 2024. “The real value of money will be higher”

In conversation with “Super Express” The President of the Retirement Institute, Dr. Anthony Kulik, answered journalists’ questions about the forecast for retirees and pensioners for the coming year. – 2024 may turn out to be a very good year for retirees. If the indexation is 12-14%, and perhaps a second indexation will also be paid if inflation is high, it can definitely be said that pensioners will live relatively better than they did in the previous year – commented the expert in the daily newspaper.

Dr. Kulik also referred to KO’s request to increase the tax-free amount to PLN 60,000. PLN, which would also affect the amount of benefits the elderly receive. Its implementation means that people receiving a pension of up to PLN 5,000 and the total PLN will be exempt from income tax. Already at the beginning of the new semester Parliament A draft law on this solution was submitted by the Union.

According to the head of the Pensions Institute, the real value of the benefits received by older people will also be affected by the slow decline in inflation. – The real value of this money will be higher, and this is of course due to the fact that there is a shift in time, and the indexation is delayed, so the retirees will lend to the government for some time, but when they stop lending they will feel these measures more strongly, which will be intended for them and will certainly be good. Information For retirees – Dr. Kulik claimed in an interview with reporters.

What do the Poles want from the Tusk government? Economy is the priority

As we wrote on Gazeta.pl, Fighting inflation and its effects, health care, saving money from the National Reconstruction Plan – these are the three most important tasks facing Donald Tusk’s government from respondents to the UCE research survey of Onet. The survey shows that economic issues were mentioned by 42.3 percent. Respondents. Health care is important to 30.4 percent. asked a little less – 27.8 percent. He pointed out that the priority for the new government should be to release funds from the national reconstruction plan.

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