Will Patrick Benoit look to replace Gino Chouinard at the helm of Salute Bonjour?

The mourning stages for the team have already begun hello hello Who should remember that It will lose its captain “big brother” in June 2024. Gino Chouinard isn’t out yet, he’ll anchor TVA’s morning shows for another year and a half, but his colleagues are already saddened by the prospect of saying goodbye to their leader.

Patrick Benoit, the show’s transportation columnist, spoke for the entire gang when he spoke Showbizz.net The current situation behind the scenes hello hello.

We are still in denial “, he agreed. ” We were shocked. We are a little hurt, a little angry…in denial. »

In fact, it was a shock to everyone. We were really shocked. It is truly a family member leaving. He is father, big brother. Gino is so freezing! It is in his personality. We, when we meet in the morning, we are like family, family is a “safe place”. [espace sécurisant, NDLR]. A year and a half ago, he told us that it was time to get used to it, and the public had to get used to it. We don’t think about it day to day, but sometimes we have little flashes. It’s certain that everything will end at some point, but it’s a little sad to know that “, chained Patrick.

The latter’s name is mentioned here and there among the suggestions of possible successors to Gino Chouinard. How does Patrick Benoit react to this accolade? He would like to take up the challenge of becoming the next driver of the big train hello hello And continue the line Gino Chouinard, Benoit Gagnon and Guy Mongrain before him?

“I’ve been doing this job for 28 years and I never had a career plan. I did a lot of radio. I didn’t plan to go to Salute Bonjour one day, and I found myself there. I think there’s a lot of talent in Quebec who can do the job! The pool is huge. There might be some who don’t want to. Wake up early! (laugh) It’s still a big challenge, and when you sign the bottom of the contract, it’s part of the job “, the main interested party loudly reflected.

I’m happy if my name comes out, but we’ll see at that point. I’m a guy who takes challenges, which is very flattering, but we’re still a long way from it. I never thought about it “, said the driver for five seasons Car Guide Academyas well as AIR Volariaon TVA Sports.

Here are some viewer predictions about who will replace Gino Chouinard in the fall of 2024..

Big fans of Cirque du Soleil, Patrick Benoit and his wife attended the premiere. Cardio, at the Bell Center, a few days ago. Check out their photo below. Return to event here.

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