Wies³aw Go³as did not rest on Aleja Zasłużonych.  The wife explains why

September 9 – After difficult months of health problems – Wieslaw Gołas . died. Five days before his death, the actor had another stroke and was taken from the Veterans Home of Polish theater artists in an ambulance to the hospital. A few days later, Gołas’ daughter confirmed in an interview with Onet that her father had died. The funeral of the actor took place on September 14 in Powązki in Warsaw. The funeral was a solemn ceremony, but the actor did not rest in the alley of merit, as suggested by the authorities. Maria Krawczyk-Gołas – the widow of the actor – revealed the reasons for the difference in the place of burial of her deceased husband.

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Wiesław Gołas funeral. The actor did not rest on Merit Street

funeral ceremonies Wieslaw Gołas Mass began at St. Charles Borromeo in Old Warsaw Powązki. The deceased was then transported to a nearby family cemetery. The artist was supposed to pay attention to the details of his funeral during his lifetime. Years earlier, he had to buy a residence in Stare Powązki, as he wanted to rest with his wife after his death. Therefore, when the Union of Polish Dramatic Artists requested that his wife be buried in Aleja Zasłużonych, she refused. As revealed by Maria Krawczyk-Gołas in an interview withSuper Express“:

We did this (we bought the living – ed.) a long time ago in order to have a rest together in the future. We will be together forever.

Krawczyk-Gołas has also revealed that she wants her husband’s funeral to be apolitical.

As for my husband’s state funeral, I only asked that there be no policy, because I don’t know if he would like it.

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Maria Krause-Goias has been the wife of Véslav Goias for 45 years.

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