February 4, 2023


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Alien – Ridley Scott in Noah Hawley’s Alien series. one blunt sentence

In early July, we learned that Disney plans to create a series alienWhich, according to the latest information, will debut in 2023. He is responsible for the scenario of this project Noah Holly; The author emphasized that the production movement will take place on Earth, while the whole story – at least according to initial assumptions – will not be connected with the character of Ripley. Thanks to this approach, humanity will encounter aliens in a large and open space.

movie creator Alien – Nostromo’s eighth passengerAnd Ridley ScottHe has now given an interview with The Independent and was asked to comment on the Hawley project. The legendary director replied shortly:

This series will never be as good as the first series. That’s all I will say about it.

Scott’s comment sparked a torrent of comments on the web. Most netizens agree that the first movie Aliens Indeed, it was a revolution of science fiction cinema, but on the other hand, the director is believed to shoot himself in the foot with such statements. He notes that Scott is returning to his film series Prometheus if Alien: Covenant, differed significantly in quality from production in 1979.

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