What changes will the upcoming Android 13 bring?

Although the update of some smartphones to Android 12 was only released in October last year, leaks about its successor are already looming. Not all phones on the market have received the new OS, and here we are already talking about specific updates. Some of them are highly awaited by users. The most important information – Android 13 will appear on the market under the code name Tiramisu. You will receive more comprehensive NFC payment options, as well as support for private DNS addresses. We also know that the latest operating system will support Bluetooth LE Audio format. but that is not all. One of the most interesting new products will be TARE mechanics, which will significantly affect how long the smartphone will run and the way applications are set up. It will be used to improve battery usage, which will be marked with a special point system. When a program exceeds the expected score, it will likely not be released for release. This will force programmers to participate more in the energy saving process.

That’s not all – Android 13 promises to be as good as 12

Although most of the changes to the appearance in the next version of the system will be cosmetic at most, leaks from the XDA Developers Forum continue. Some people already have access to early versions of the latest Android builds, so we know a lot about them. The new functionality, but very important for some users, may be the ability to change the language for each application individually. Modifications will also affect the notification system, where the most customization will be possible. Of course there will be the development of security systems. Android 13 is supposed to say what it needs to access a particular app and whether we want to give it or not. We also know that Google will finally allow you to change the position and appearance of the clock on the lock screen. This is a small issue but a very important one for some.

It is already clear that Americans want to constantly compete for the title of the best operating system on the market. I have to admit that the big changes in interface and functionality of the latest Android 12 version effectively encourage me to change my phone. I’m currently using an iPhone, but iOS 15 is in my opinion the worst and most buggy platform Apple has ever released. I intend to change my phone to something else, but only the camera is stopping me, especially the quality of the recorded videos.

That’s because the iPhone is literally second to none – great stability, high bitrate, and therefore low noise are the greatest advantages for me, but the colors also have a lot to say. It is natural, warm and pleasant to perceive. That’s why I’m still hesitant to sell, even though I’m slowly pissed off with new updates, nothing new. I recently had a problem dealing with fuel payments at a gas station. I have a payment card attached to my wallet on my iPhone, which I find very convenient and so far, a hassle-free solution. I was going to Warsaw and I had Apple Maps on and until I turned it off the phone didn’t respond to the payment command at all. Wallet access is blocked until you turn off navigation. It was impossible to hide it or go to the main menu, and in a hurry, such things are the most annoying.

Constant problems with the round screen or even complications in viewing certain websites has been a big problem for Apple recently, which finally has to make something of a sense with its developers. I remember when Android two or three years ago was far from catching up with iOS in my opinion, but today, especially considering the twelve years ago, Google engineers have done a great job. See above how this system looks in its pure form, for example on the Pixel. If I were to point out the best phones from 2021, one of the Android headphones would surely be in first place.

I can’t wait to see what 2022 brings in this thread and I can already see that we have a very interesting 365 days ahead. Today Realme showed its flagship smartphone Realme GT2 Pro with Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor, which is set to demand more than 1 million points in the AnTuTu tests, and in a moment other manufacturers will present their proposals. Apple is far behind at the moment, and if the iPhone 14 does not make major changes, the manufacturer may gradually lose market share. Such a story will be good for all consumers.

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