December 6, 2022


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We've never seen anything like it before

We’ve never seen anything like it before

“The strangest feature of this object is its high polarization. This means that its light oscillates (i.e. fluctuates – liberated) only in one direction, which in turn changes over time,” says Ziteng Weng, lead author of the discovery in Sydney. .

In addition to An object that “drastically changes its brightness”As if that wasn’t enough, the signal turns on and off at random. “We’ve never seen anything like this before,” Wing says.

The mysterious being’s behavior doesn’t match anything Previously observed cosmic phenomena And at this point, everything indicates that we are fully dealing here A new being in the universe. For now, astronomers can only follow this mysterious sign, hoping that it will reveal more information that will help classify it.

You can also learn more about the universe, its exploration, and its secrets in the Technically Thing Podcast:

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