Mars panorama with a resolution of 2.5 billion pixels.  The Red Planet presents itself in an unforgettable way

As you can easily imagine, in such conditions you can see even the smallest details hidden in the Red Planet. Over a thousand separate images were used to create this stunning mosaic. The end result shows a delta of a possible river that was flowing into what is now called Jezero Crater. Billions of years ago, this river carried rocks and sand, among other things, which now form sediments and samples studied by NASA’s six-wheeled spacecraft.

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The images were taken using the Mastcam-Z tool, which captured 1,118 individual images in mid-July. They are finally combined to form a colorful mosaic with a resolution of 2.5 billion pixels. The images also show traces of the rover itself on the left side. In turn, the immortal rocks remained in the same place for 3-3.5 billion years, during which they were under the influence of winds.

We recently reported that the same roving, tenacious, composite encountered a record high density of organic molecules. These do not necessarily have to be associated with the existence of life, as it can arise through non-biological processes. Judgment in this matter will be possible when the samples collected on Mars reach Earth, which should happen thanks to the mission that will end in 2031. It is interesting that the Poles will participate in the implementation of this project.

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