We know who will “deceive fate.”  The cast of the sixth part has been selected
We reported two years ago that a sixth installment of the Final Destination series was in the works. And now New Line is ready to begin production. We've just met the cast.

The new “Fate Finals” marks the 25th anniversary of the premiere of the first part

The new part of the series is titled: “Final Destination: Bloodlines”. It is scheduled to premiere next year, on the 25th anniversary of the first film's premiere. “Fate of cheating”.

The main roles in the film will be played by: Breck Basinger (“Stargirl”), Teo Briones (“Chucky”), Caitlin Santa Juana (“The Friendship Game”), Richard Harmon (“The 100”), Anna Lauer (“Knights of Gotham”) and Owen Patrick Joyner (“Julie and the Phantom”). The cast also includes Max Lloyd-Jones, Rhea Kihlstedt, and Tenbo Lee.

The directors are Zach Lebowski and Adam B. Stein, creators of “The Changelings.”

Details of the plot remain secret. We expect one of the characters to once again have a strong feeling that a deadly disaster is about to happen. He saves himself and his friends, thus exposing himself to the fate that comes his way step by step. The series is known for its elaborate and shocking scenes of “accidental” deaths.

Final Destination 5 Trailer

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