March 20, 2023


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We know the worst match in 2021!

We know the worst match in 2021!

This year has not been easy for many publishers. We dealt with several hot premieres, which, unfortunately, turned out to be largely empty shells and marketing campaigns that finally overdid the final work, which was published later.

Suffice it to say that in the second half of 2021, the players met the premiere eFootball 2022, This is Pro Evolution Soccer After the rebranding – a production that was destined to enter the football game market with great fanfare thus ending the dominance of the series FIFA From EA games. A little later we received from Grove Street Games “Reheated chop” in the form of a trilogy of worship parts Grand Theft Auto. In this case, it was not without scandals and controversy.

These are just examples that can really be multiplied. So what is the list of the worst games released in 2021? (Reviews are based on website Metacritic).

  • put 5: Bird and cage (44/100)
  • 4 . place: Fauda Taxi (42/100)
  • 3 . place: Werewolf: Apocalypse – Earthblood (42/100)
  • place 2: Balan Wonderworld (36/100)
  • Worst match of 2021: eFootball 2022 (25/100)

Let’s agree… There are no surprises in this case. He goes to the worst match of the year “award” eFootball 2022, which production was, as I mentioned, to tame the era of the FIFA series in the football title market.

Everyone knows what it was like in practice. With the release of this game There were a lot of mistakes, gruesome animations of models and caricatured faces of the players were far from realistic. To make matters worse, Japanese producers of Konami They promised current repairs and improvements, which were finally postponed from November this year to spring … So in fact – it is not known when.

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