"We are dealing with a more contagious mutation of the virus."  Show how vaccination works

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President against compulsory vaccinations. Dr. Karuda’s Comments

According to a report issued by the Ministry of Health, on Tuesday, 975 people were confirmed to be infected with the Corona virus and two people died COVID-19And 27 people died from coexisting COVID-19 with other diseases.

On the same day, 1,306 cases of coronavirus were confirmed a year ago, and 15 people died, the youngest of whom was 33 years old.

Another area has a yellow area, and one is close to the red area. Only in theory so far

Niedzielski showed data comparing the number of infections from the second and fourth waves of the Corona virus

“Comparing the number of infections from September 2020 to 2021. The contrasting trend lines show how vaccines work. It should be noted that today we are dealing with a much more contagious boom. virus– wrote on Twitter Nidzelsky.

The displayed graphic shows that on September 1 this year. found 388 cases In 2020, 633 injuries were recorded on the same day. September 7 this year. 533 injuries were recorded, in the previous year on that day there were 366 cases. September 12 this year. There are reported to be 269 infected, a year ago there were 455 cases. September 18 this year. There were 537 infected, a year before that day 935 cases were found. September 23 this year. 812 cases were found, and 1,130 a year before that date.

Fully fortified, i.e. with two doses of preparations from Pfizer / BioNTech, Moderna and AstraZeneca or a single dose szczepionk ± Johnson & Johnson, there are more than 19 million 386 thousand in Poland. People – reported on Tuesday on government websites.

DLOKALife expectancy in Western countries is the lowest since World War II

The number of everything made in our country vaccinations Against COVID-19 is 37,158,644. 19,386,322 people were fully vaccinated. (PAP)

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Coronavirus: all current information and recommendations on gov.pl

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