Warning by Thomas Thornbichler.  This must change.  Clear message regarding players

However, the first competition in Villingen showed that our best players are far from their best. Stoch and Żyła were not among the top 30 at all, while Kubacki only advanced because Stefan Kraft made a blunder. It was the eighth destroyerIt is the best result of any of our actors this season so far. This best illustrates where we are currently.

Worse still, there is no visible support base that would put effective pressure on the “old guard.” It is difficult to replace someone like Kamil Stoch or Piotr Żyła, they are after all legends in ski jumping, but it is difficult to look for their successors. And as he said Adam Males in an interview with TVP SportPerhaps we will never find such players again.

Maybe we no longer have players like Kamel, Piotrek or Daoud. We definitely want them to be there and we know some of them have potential, but it doesn't depend on us, it depends mainly on the player himself.

~ PZN President explained.

Thomas Turnbichler: We have shown that we are getting close to the podium. video/Press materials/Press materials

What does the future hold for Thornbichler? PZN warning

In addition to all this, the atmosphere is deteriorating. Although there is no talk of any conflict, it happened recently Thurnbichler decided to hit Piotr ŻyłaWhich he accused of not working properly at the end of the summer and fall. According to Rafael Kot, vice president of the Tatra Ski Association, this is a good thing, because the Austrian allows his players a lot.

“Contestants cannot have the deciding vote. The results are responsible for those who prepare them. Thomas was inexperiencedBut I see progress in this element. He said in an interview with “Sporto Facti”: “The talk about Piotrek indicates that.”

If the coach comes to such conclusions, it is difficult not to believe him. The question that arises is what is the reason for this situation? Secondly, the coach is responsible for the results and must keep his hand firmly on the players. Thomas Turnbichler sometimes wanted to be their friend, but he did not have enough courage

~ Cote added.

The Austrian is preparing a recovery plan for Polish ski jumping

The problem is not only the weaker form of the leaders, no one is eternal, and Stoch, Kubacki and Zella have achieved so much that they have been able to share successes with several generations of skiers. Even more alarming is the fact that for several years no talented young man has been able to break into the national team. The aforementioned Zniszczoł is 29 years old, while Paweł Wąsek is 24 years old. They are already experienced players.

However, we are short of coaches, but it is difficult to say whether we need someone with a big name. Thomas Thornbichler is working on a plan to get our young people to take the next step. They are doing well in the junior varsity, but they are approaching their senior years and we are starting to lose them. The broad outlines of such a plan are already beginning to emerge. However, there will be time to apply in the spring

~ Mayish said.

Adam Males/Artur Widaknorphotonorphoto via AFP/France Press agency

Thomas Turnbichler/Andrzej Iwanzuki/Reporter/East News

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