Koszty odbudowy Ukrainy Szmychal ocenił na 750 mld USD (fot. Stringer/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

Ukrainian Prime Minister Denis Shmyal said Monday in Lugano that the main source of financing for Ukraine’s post-war reconstruction should be money confiscated from Russia and Russian oligarchs. He noted accounts according to which $300-500 billion of Russian property was frozen. He estimated the costs of the reconstruction of Ukraine at about 750 billion dollars.

And “unidentified” blew up the bridge on which the Russians carried weapons

The railway bridge between occupied Melitopol and Tokmak in the Ukrainian territory of Zaporizhia was blown up by unknown assailants – …

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Read more in the report: The war in Ukraine

– Who will pay for the reconstruction plan, which amounts to 750 billion dollars? We believe that the main source (finance) for the reconstruction should be the money confiscated from Russia and the Russian oligarchy. (…]The Russian authorities unleashed this bloody war. At the International Conference on the Reconstruction of Ukraine, which began in Lugano, Switzerland, Simhal said that they caused such mass destruction and they must be held accountable.

The Ukrainian prime minister also referred to estimates (without citing its specific source) that Russian assets worth $300-500 billion have been frozen in the West. He stressed that some countries, including Germany, the United States and Canada, have already taken steps to adopt legislation allowing for the confiscation of these funds. He stressed that – I think all partner countries will join this process.

Szmihal presented a three-stage plan for the reconstruction of the country. The first responds to the most urgent needs and will cover the work that needs to be done, even if the fighting continues. The second is the “rapid recovery”, followed by the long-term recovery phase.

Ukrainian authorities: the Turks seized a ship with stolen grain

Turkish customs officers have arrested a Russian ship carrying stolen Ukrainian grain – the Ambassador of Ukraine in Ankara Vasyl …

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He said that direct losses to Ukrainian infrastructure due to the Russian invasion were estimated at more than $100 billion. Other sources of financing for the reconstruction of the country include loans and grants from international financial institutions and partner countries, as well as private sector investments and funds from the Ukrainian budget.

The Ukrainian Prime Minister also announced the opening of “reconstruction offices” in Washington, Brussels, London and other cities, which will be headed by the central office in Kyiv. He also gave a detailed description of the damage caused by the war, which the Ukrainian authorities are currently documenting.

Echoes of Schmihal’s position can be heard in the speech of British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss, who said that Russia must be held accountable for the damage caused by this “terrifying” war and that British authorities are looking at “the possibilities of using Russian assets.” – Reuters reports.

The Lugano conference lasts two days. About a thousand delegates representing more than 40 countries and many international organizations participate in it. This event is the fifth edition of the Conference on Reforms in Ukraine which is held every year. This year’s edition was renamed the Conference on the Reconstruction of Ukraine. In 2023, the conference will be held in London.

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