Voyager 1 is having communication problems again.  NASA is looking for a solution

So far, only two human-made space probes have left the traditional boundaries of the solar system. here they are Travel 1st 2nd ed, which has been in interstellar space for several years. The first ship does it again The problems are again related to communication With the ground.

Voyager 1 has been in space for 46 years and continues to send scientific data back to Earth. Unfortunately, the ship has recently been taken Messages that are considered digital gibberish. They consist of repeated sequences of zeros and ones. What is the cause of the defect?

Specialists from NASA They believe there is a problem with the flight data system (FDS) of the Voyager 1 probe, which is responsible for, among other things, collecting scientific data from the ship’s instruments and engineering information Unable to communicate properly with the communications module (Tmmo).

As a result, repeated signals reach the ground. NASA engineers are looking into the defect and will try to fix it. Unfortunately, the correct solution to the problem was not found It may take up to weeks.

Voyager 1 was launched into space in 1977, and is currently very far from Earth. To the extent that One-way communication with the probe lasts for about a day (22.5 hours). It takes 45 hours to send and receive information from the ship, so even if a solution is found, it will take about two days to confirm its effectiveness.

These are not the first problems the Voyager 1 probe has encountered in recent years. It was found in May 2022 Errors in the probe’s articulation and positional control system (AACS). The solution was not implemented until several months later, and even then incorrect telemetry data was received.

It is worth noting that with this ship, NASA launched a double probe, Voyager 2, several decades ago, which took off a little faster and is also currently in interstellar space. Today’s engineers have to deal with various problems related to these ships, also due to the outdated technologies that humanity had at its disposal at that time.

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