USA, snow storms in many states.  Warnings for more than a million people

Weather conditions make Christmas travel difficult in most parts of the United States. The services warned of a “severe snow storm” and advised against driving on the roads because the roads are icy and visibility is very low.

As of Monday afternoon local time, more than 1.1 million residents of Nebraska, South Dakota, Kansas, Colorado and Wyoming were under warnings. Heavy snow fell, including in Nebraska, eastern parts of South and North Dakota, and northern Minnesota.

Difficult road conditions

The roads were icy, and due to snowstorms and blizzards, visibility was greatly reduced. In Nebraska, collisions occurred on icy roads, some cars left the road, and Interstate 80 was closed for a period in the York area in southeastern Nebraska. CNN reported that incidents occurred in Watertown, South Dakota.

“Due to high winds and continued snow accumulation, driving conditions are deteriorating across the state,” the Nebraska Department of Transportation warned.

Difficult road conditions in NebraskaReuters

“Severe snow storm”

On Tuesday, the US Weather Service (NWS) warned of a “severe snow storm” in the central and northern parts of the country. She added, “The combination of heavy snowfall and strong winds will cause a blizzard, making travel difficult or almost impossible.”

Wind speed is expected to reach approximately 90 kilometers per hour. Up to 20-30 cm of snow is likely to fall in South Dakota. Services warned that strong winds could lead to trees breaking and possibly power outages.

Main image source: Reuters

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