USA: Serious mid-air accident.  The planes were flying directly towards each other

A serious accident occurred over Portland in the United States. As we read, closedOn October 16, tragic consequences will occur Two passenger planes collide.

We’re talking about SkyWest and Alaska Airlines machines. One of the two planes was approaching landing, but due to bad weather conditions, especially strong winds, it was forced to land Go around. It was this maneuver that caused this to happen Dangerous approach To the machine that was just beginning its journey at that moment.

We can see this in a video posted online Visualize aircraft flight pathsHearing orders and warnings issued by the traffic controller. The tone of voice of one of the air traffic control tower employees, which he repeated many times, was not devoid of emotion. Urgent messages.

Serious accident in the air. The planes almost collided

In the Oregon Live transcript we read that orders were followed and The response was immediately made by changing the direction of flightAs announced by an Alaska Airlines spokesperson. He added that the circumstances of the incident are being analyzed in detail.

A special federal commission is also investigating the incident. On the other hand, Oregon Live decided to use available sources and check how far apart the planes were at the critical moment. Service results show that the machines passed each other A distance of about 540 meters horizontally. The difference in altitude between planes was supposed to end 76 metres.

US Federal Aviation Administration, as defined by Mid-air collision It is said when the distance between aircraft is less than 152 metres.

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