The Russians “rely on blitzkrieg.”  They moved from three sides [RELACJA NA ŻYWO]

“Today was one of the most difficult days in the Avdiivka region,” we read in the report by the Ukrainian website DeepState, published shortly before midnight.

“The enemy left in several columns, which were also filled with landing forces. As we said in the afternoon, everything was accompanied by artillery, aviation and missiles. The columns advanced from Krasnohorivka, Novosilievka Drogoi, Vodyani, Pisky and Vesely. Of course, the enemy managed to take some positions, but given the number of personnel and equipment involved, the results are simply unfortunate for the enemy.” – added.

Columns of Russian equipment near Avdiivka © Licensor

The Russians were relying on blitzkrieg. “The losses in equipment are enormous – and analysts will soon calculate them. Hundreds of infantry have descended and are still wandering in the gray zone. The fighting continues. In fact, things could have been much worse, but the coordinated action of the Defense Forces produced results. Of course, there were losses.”

Analysts from the Institute for the Study of War (ISW) said that the new attack coincides with other local operations in the Luhansk region and the eastern part of the Zaporizhya region, which aim to… “Preventing the movement of Ukrainian forces to key areas on the front line.”

In the report on listen to me Near Donetsk, analysts warn that in this way the enemy wants to distance the forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces from two robots.


Robotine© D.S

ISW describes proximal processes listen to me like “Big attack”With the aim of “surrounding a group of Ukrainian soldiers in the city and seizing it.”

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