US Open Final.  The great victory of Carlos Alcaraz

This year’s men’s US Open final lasted more than three hours. After two sets there was a 1-1 draw, but in the third, the most even, Alcaraz showed his superiority, and in the fourth set he won the championship.

The US Open final was the third match between Alcaraz and Rudd. The Spaniard was victorious in both previous editions. First, he won at home in 2021, then in this year’s Miami Open final. He was the favorite in Sunday’s final at Flushing Meadows.

The first two sets are tied

Carlos Alcaraz did well from the start and entered the match strong, trying to prove that he deserved to be called the greatest tennis talent in the world. The meeting was of great importance, and the young Spaniard amazed the audience from the very beginning, thanks to which he won the first set with a score of 6: 4.

If anyone thinks that the karaz will dominate the meeting, they are wrong. After a short break, Casper Rudd proved he’s reached this stage of the championship for the second time this season for a reason. The Norwegian was much better this time and won the second match with a score of 6:2, tying the match.

Spanish Show

In the third set, Rudd served first, but there was a break in the first game and the Spaniard enjoyed a 1-0 lead, and after a few minutes 2-0. But the Norwegian led to a 2:2 draw. In 4:4, a great feat happened, the players exchanged as many as 17 balls. The most exciting and fierce combination to date finally won 7:6 after the tiebreak from Alcaraz.

Thus, the Spaniard enjoyed a 2-1 lead throughout the match.

The fourth group is a show for Alcaraz who was ahead 1-0, then 2:1 and from 2:2 won three more matches. The Norwegian managed to make the score 5:3, but that was all he could do in this match. The Spaniard won the last match with confidence, scoring the sixth point in the fourth set, thus winning 6-3, 3-1 in the whole match.

Alcaraz follows in the footsteps of Sampras

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