United States of America.  The Billionaire’s Secret Project.  Jan Ceramick wants to build a green city in California

Billionaire Jan Ceramic has been buying land in Solano County, California, for years. And now he revealed what he’s planning. On land that cost the company he heads $800 million. A modern and ecological city will be built.

over the past five years Flannery Associates I got land in Solano County, California. In total, more than 50,000 have been purchased. acres of land.

The mysterious investor has raised concerns among local politicians and, after buying land around a military base, also among the US services.

The billionaire’s plans are revealed

The company, headed by billionaire Jan Ceramic, revealed its plans. Launched on Thursday californiaforever.com website.

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“So far, our company has remained silent about the work. This has understandably sparked interest, concern, and speculation. Now that we are no longer constrained by the issue of confidentiality, we are eager to start a conversation about the future of Solano County,” the site wrote.

Green city

It is planned to be built on an area of ​​202 square kilometres Green citywhich is set to rely on the use of renewable energy, provide thousands of jobs, convenient public transportation, and provide a future for the youth residing in the province.

The site says that Sramik and his wife, Naytri, recently bought their first home in Solano.

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