United States of America.  Joe Biden promotes the Infrastructure Act.  "Your life will change for the better."

visit Joe Bedina Woodstock It is the start of federal government officials traveling across the country for a week to promote the Infrastructure Investment Program.

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Congress passed it – with the support of some Republicans in both houses – Expense Package It is one of the largest investment plans of this kind in the country’s history and one of President Biden’s most important political projects.

The package includes approx charges. $1.2 trillion over seven years, of which $550 billion is new spending, not included in the previous budget. $110 billion will be spent on repairing roads and bridges, $66 billion on railroads, $65 billion on expanding broadband internet to the entire country, $65 billion on revamping the power grid, and $50 billion on climate change protection and 40 on public transport. The program also provides for the construction of a national network of electric vehicle charging stations.

According to President Biden, the investments are aimed at ensuring sustainable economic development for America, creating millions of jobs, and being a key element in the competition with China, which has spent many years spending huge sums on infrastructure modernization.

Joe Biden asserted in his Woodstock speech that “in 50 years’ time, historians will speak of the beginning of a time when America regained its competitiveness.”

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