Ukraine in the European Union.  There is a green light.  The European Commission recommends starting talks

The European Commission wants to start Official talks with Kyiv and ChisinauTo give Ukraine and Moldova A positive sign regarding their European aspirations.

Kiev has applied for membership in the European Union A few weeks after the Russian invasion in 2022and obtained the status of a nominated state after only a few months, under one of Faster ban decisionsaccelerated by Moscow’s aggression.

European Commission. There is a green light for Ukraine

He added, “The committee is expected to announce this on Friday.” Ukraine already meets previously unresolved criteriaIncluding anti-corruption measures, restrictions on political lobbying, rules for recognizing the origins of public employees, and protection of languages ​​used by national minorities, the Financial Times reported on Friday.

As the Financial Times noted, the war in Ukraine It changed the process of enlargement of the European Union. The newspaper notes that Ukraine and Moldova obtained candidate status in June 2022, and Georgia – at the end of 2023. At the same time, after years of stagnation Talks accelerated with some of the six candidates from the Western Balkans. Georgia, which, despite warnings from Brussels, adopted a law on “foreign agents” will not receive the green light from the Commission today.

Hungary towards Ukraine. Will there be opposition from Budapest?

Brussels expects Hungary’s objectionJustified by complaints about the way Kiev treats them Hungarian minority in Ukraine. Former Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orban vetoed EU resolutions on UkraineSuch as granting it the status of a candidate country for the European Union and granting it an aid package worth $50 billion.

Although Budapest eventually He surrendered under pressure from other capitalsIt has not yet withdrawn its veto over the allocation of EU funds for military aid to Kiev.

Hungary assumes the rotating presidency of the European Union on July 1. This will enable them to have greater influence on setting the agenda of meetings in which issues related to Ukraine are discussed. But Belgium, which currently holds the presidency, hopes to organize the conference First round of accession talks on June 25Before handing the baton over to Hungary,” according to what was reported by the Financial Times.

On Friday afternoon, the European Commission officially announced that Ukraine and Moldova are ready for accession talks. According to the European Commission, Kiev fulfilled its four obligations, while Chisinau fulfilled its three obligations.

As we read on the European Union website, Accession negotiations indicate the conditions that a country must meetTo be accepted into the European Union and focus on the adoption and implementation of EU legislation. The goal of negotiation is to make… The nominated country must meet the membership requirementsWhich are often referred to as the “Copenhagen Criteria”.

Accession negotiations with the candidate country Start with unanimous consent All member states and after the approval of the European Council.

These conversations It takes place during intergovernmental conferences Between the governments of the European Union member states and the government of the candidate state. Their goal is to support this country in preparing for EU membership.

source:, “Financial Times”

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