Twilight of Facebook, more companies are turning their backs on the giant
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September 9, 2022, 9:00 pm

Facebook is being chosen less and less as a means of logging in. Big brands give up on it.

Above image source: Unsplash/Roman Martyniuk.

DelAnd the Paid product. Latitude, XPS, and Alienware laptops have abandoned Facebook as a way to log in On its website for its online store, it only provides the possibility of authentication with a Google account or established “traditionally”, that is, without intermediaries using e-mail. As it turns out – other companies too, like Amazon or Ford Motors, largely refuse Facebook and login to various portals through the mediation of third-party accounts.

Who doesn’t want Facebook – Dell or users?

In an interview with CNBC, Dell’s Director of IT Gene Felch raised the topic of opting out of Facebook help when creating a user account. As he claims, people generally abandon social platform profiles due to privacy and security concerns.

One thing we’re seeing across the industry is more and more security threats or account theft – whether it’s on Instagram or Facebook [obie marki należą do przedsiębiorstwa Meta – przyp. red.] or any other country. Based on our observations, I think people would rather simply isolate this account than link it to another, says Jane Felch.

On the other hand, Dell uses Google Sign in because it’s “the only service that’s popular enough,” Felch said.

Twilight of Facebook, more companies are turning away from the behemoth - Illustration #1

Source: Unsplash / Dell.

Facebook Twilight?

Meanwhile, companies such as Ford, Twitch, Patagonia, Nike, Match, Best Buy and Pottery Barn declined to comment on the inquiry. CNBC Regarding resignation from the login service. The Facebook spokesperson did the same.

The importance of Zuckerberg’s social platform (such as login methods) Based on an analysis of 1,000 North American websites and apps, it was 38.7% – 5 percentage points lower than in 2019 (via CNBC) – According to study sign in (a company dealing with user identification and management services). On the other hand, Google is slightly ahead with a score of 38.9% (1.5 percentage points higher compared to the same period in 2019). The trend shows that Facebook’s popularity as a login method is declining.

Twilight of Facebook, more companies are turning their backs on the giant - Illustration #2

Source: Unsplash / Timothy Hales Bennett.

Brand co-founder Snap Habit (An app to help maintain habits) Note that Facebook is the least selective of the ways to create an account in the app. Of the 10,000 logins, 42.7% were using a Google account. Zuckerberg’s platform only scored 10.7% – even the way you use a regular email account beat it. This happened despite the fact that Facebook was one of the most popular methods of authentication, compared to others, it was not hidden under the “More options” button.

This site is unlucky. Recently, dead she decided At the end of the mobile application support Facebook games. Teenagers lose interest Ideas Facebook, which is doing worse and worse at Pollsa metaverse It brings big losses. Could it be the twilight of the popular social networking platform, or is it just a growing reluctance to log in with third-party services? Maybe it’s just about taking care of your personal space on social media?

Twilight of Facebook, more companies are turning their backs on the giant - Illustration #3

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