TVP viewers didn’t expect anything like this.  Laskovsky shouted on television, and that was not the end

The first half of the Poland-Faroe Islands match was a disappointment to the fans, which they clearly expressed. Football players go to the locker room for a break Whistles were saying goodbye. Fernando Santos commented on this matter. And in the post-match press conference And he admitted that he somewhat understands the fans and their behavior, and at the same time defends his players.

Players feel pressure. They are people. They saw how the crowd reacted from the 20th minute. We saw that the fans weren’t happy and of course that was true. But we managed to turn the game around and in the last 20 minutes the crowd was really on our side

~ He said.

The situation in the table is very complex, so the optimal scenario assumes obtaining all points. The first step has been taken, although after the embarrassment against Moldova, fans were right to be concerned about the result against the Faroe Islands. He was referring to that Jacek Laskowski.

Personal shortcomings and the return of Krychowiak and Grosicki. video /Pulsat Sport/Pulsat Sport

Laskowski’s joking comment isn’t everything. Video with Lewandowski on TVP

“Today we will play against the Faroe Islands to reach the halfway stage of the qualifiers They didn’t all feel like a flock of sheep” – said Laskowski half jokingly, half seriously on TVP just before the start of the match. He was referring to the situation in the group at Euro 2024.

Such a comment was not the only non-standard “surprise” prepared for the viewers. Before the meeting,… Short film with Anna Lewandska In one of the main roles. It was a video from years ago, recorded during a karate competition.

Anya Stachorska on our screens. How fiery, sparkling and having tears in the eyes at the same time

~ – It was said on the air at that time.

At that time, Anna’s sporting successes were also mentioned and it was noted that she was privately engaged to “Lewi”.

All this on the occasion of her 35th birthday, which Robert Lewandowski’s wife celebrated on September 7, the day of the meeting with the Faroe Islands. The Polish national team captain dedicated his goals to his girlfriend. Right after one of them did it An unusual “celebration”. He covered his eyes, ears and mouth in turn. When asked what exactly he wanted to convey, He answered diplomatically.

“It’s like this Family secret. It’s my wife’s birthday today. “It’s dedicated to her,” he said.

“Ciesenka” by Robert Lewandowski in the Poland – Faroe Islands match/picture. Maciej Witkowski/Reporter/East News

Joy after Robert Lewandowski’s goal/Wojcik Olkosnik/East News

Anna Lewandowska/Tomasz Jastrzybowski//Reporter

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