Turun's huge profits.  The company showed preliminary results

Tauron announced on Thursday that in 2023 it generated revenues of PLN 50.7 billion from sales and compensation, and EBITDA of about PLN 6.15 billion. Gross profit amounted to 2.3 billion PLN, net profit – about 1.68 billion PLN. These results are much better than in 2022, when the company incurred a net loss of PLN 134 million. In terms of profits, it is also better than the profits of the previous four years.

The company also published preliminary data for the fourth quarter of last year. They showed that it had revenues of around PLN 12.1 billion, PLN 674 million in EBITDA, PLN 431 million in operating losses, PLN 713 million in gross losses, and PLN 585 million in net losses.

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Why the loss in the last quarter?

Turun mentioned this previously Reducing the value of the investment in Toma Holding Company will reduce the result EBITDA of the Tauron Group for the fourth quarter of 2023 of PLN 274 million (at PLN 179 million in the whole of last year), and operating results of PLN 582 million in the fourth quarter and PLN 487 million in the full of last year.

The previously prepared PAP Biznes consensus assumed that the group's revenue in the fourth quarter would reach PLN 12 billion, EBITDA of PLN 560 million, and a net loss of PLN 160.7 million. However, the consensus did not take into account the latest information from the company.

In the fourth quarter, Tauron had approximately PLN 1.48 billion of capital expenditures, and in the whole of 2023 – more than PLN 4.36 billion.

Torun reported The financial results shown are estimates and may change. The final values ​​will be presented in the 2023 report scheduled to be published on April 18, 2024.

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