Three White Generations of Communism (Post): Orange Alternative, Naszość, [FILM]

They never got politically correct, never changed their views on money, or got into blatant rudeness in the style of “women’s strike.” The Polish event, whose three generations met in the “Interview with the Hooligans”, has always caused concern in the salons and in this respect remains a unique phenomenon at the European level.

When Naszość left the stage in 2012 after a raucous rally… in support of ACTA with the slogans “Kashoppi’s Order – Close jutub” and “The Union won’t let me beat the universe” (parts of the event are shown in the episode below from 7:30), was just pouring into wider waters.

At the beginning of the program, portions of the Polish teachers’ question were shown, during which Jock … demanded the liquidation of the Polish teachers’ union, shouting “We want to win, not to work!” He demanded that teachers’ rooms be reduced and long breaks shortened (in the video below from 2:30).

Over the years, forms of motion capture have changed. – Said Lesevich: – The pioneer from Orange Alternative could not stream or upload anything to YouTube, and if there were any films from him, they were often shot by sad men. – We started with the videos. You did a good thing, you came to a folk party, you put a cassette in a VCR and people watched – Jaok recalls.

As the interlocutors emphasized, one thing has not changed – the communists kick coincidence … on their feet. – They mostly kick leg bones. Because it’s out of the box – Jawk reported. – SLD’s Komuchy did the same – Lisiewicz agreed. “Everyone’s filming now, so it’s not a snout bump, it’s digging into the bib,” Jock explained, explaining where he gets kicked most often.

Interview with Hooligans is a co-production of Radio Pozna and Telewizia Republica. New episodes of the show appear Monday at 10.00 am only on YOUTUBE Radio Poznan.

The most exciting episode of the program with parts of the events can be watched below:


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