February 4, 2023


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This test will only be solved by people with above average IQ.  You have 12 seconds.

This test will only be solved by people with above average IQ. You have 12 seconds.

Next image test within 12 seconds. People with above average IQ will be able to solve it. One of the five depicted characters performs his professional duties with his left hand. Which?

According to jagranjosh.com, the following puzzle can be solved by only a small percentage of people in the world with a high IQ. Five people are shown in the photo, one of whom is left-handed. Netizens have often pointed to the man in the upper left of the photo, holding a hammer and a wrench. Is this the correct answer? We reveal later in the article.

Select the left man in the picture

You only have 12 seconds to analyze the image.

IQ test

Photo: jagranjosh.com

The task seems simple, but it is not. Some pointed to the photographer who used his left hand to hold the camera, pointing the lens in the right direction. In fact, he mainly uses his right hand, which is operated by a button. The same for the man who holds the hammer and the key – he holds the key with his left hand, but the hammer with which he strikes is in his right.

Correct answer: waiter. He holds the tray with his right hand, and serves drinks with his left hand.

As for the other men shown in the photo: the accountant – writes with his right hand, and the woodcutter – saws with his right hand.

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As Jagran Josh explains, it must be resolved a test Figurative skills, and the ability to “lateral thinking” are also essential. This concept was introduced to psychology by the Maltese physician and therapist Edward de Bono. This type of thinking characterizes intelligent people who think outside the box. Looking at the photo above, a person with a high IQ will look for new options and unclear solutions, and will be able to notice what others see.

Netizens have suggested that you should take a closer look at the photo and ask yourself “Anyone out there”. picture She will be able to carry out her activities with a hand that they have not trained.”

Source: jagranjosh.com, Bright Side

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