This malware can wipe your account.  Poland is on the list of most endangered countries

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New malware attacks smartphones from android It is said to be circulating on the cybercriminal black market recently. By industry Sleeping computer servicethe creator of the program is the author of Ermac, a popular banking Trojan that helps cybercriminals steal authentication codes from more than 467 banking applications.

Hook will take control of your smartphone and wipe your bank account

The new malware is named Hook. It is relatively similar to the Ermac, although it is a bit more advanced. It is still a banking Trojan, but it is much more dangerous than its predecessor. The hook can watch what is happening directly on the phone screen, supports WebSocket communication and encrypts information sent to cybercriminals.

The most dangerous feature is the ability to take full control of the victim’s smartphone. The software may unlock the device, scroll through the content displayed on the screen, take screenshots, overlay a dummy image over the real one, and also simulate keystrokes. Apparently, he may also have access to the file manager. Moreover, it is very difficult to detect malware in a smartphone.

New banking Trojan strikes. Poland is on the list of most endangered countries

Hook is designed to be used as a thievery trojan money, although there are certainly more possible applications – for example, theft of personal data. The software operator is able to deceive an unsuspecting victim by imposing a fake image, for example in a banking app. By getting the login and password in this way, then the authorization codes, hacker Able to control the user’s account and funds.

Researchers describe Hawkeye’s ability to attack Apps Transactions of at least several hundred banks and institutions from all over the world ¶ shed. Unfortunately, Poland is on the list of countries with the highest number of attacked programs. Our country is in fourth place after the USA, Spain and Australia.

To avoid accidentally installing this kind of software, it is worth installing only verified applications from secure sources.

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