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Sony Hits Old PS Plus Subscribers (Updated)

Sony Hits Old PS Plus Subscribers (Updated)

May 26 2022, 09:00

Early users of the new PS Plus are unhappy with Sony’s approach to service upgrade fees. Especially those who paid to subscribe to the stock.

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Sony talked about additional fees when converting a regular PS Plus subscription to Extra or Premium. to me mail On Twitter it was due to a technical error. Once removed, the service upgrade fee is expected to reflect previous deductions.

Due to a technical glitch, Asian players who previously extended their PlayStation Plus subscription with discounts were incorrectly charged when upgrading the service. The error has been corrected and the victims will receive a refund. Thank you for your patience.

Not everyone is convinced by Sony’s translation, but it’s good to know that there won’t be such issues in the future. There is also the problem of users who have a paid subscription for many years to come. Like note One Twitter user, a better solution would be to shorten the service life in exchange for a better version. However, Sony has not commented on this issue yet, so it turns out that the need to pay a fee proportional to the remaining active subscription time is still valid.

original message

The new version of the PlayStation Plus subscription is here Available in some parts of the world. same they show The first opinions are, and unfortunately these are not the best. It turns out that Users who previously signed up a few years ago will have to pay a heavy price to upgrade to a better version.. Unless the rules are changed by the time of release in other countries.

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Frustrated Asian players

PushSquare editors found the first one Reports On reddit, users with Asian accounts shared their feedback. The information provided shows that When upgrading their subscription, they had to pay a fee proportional to the remaining active subscription time. And this is without the possibility of choosing for how long we want to improve the service.

to go forward, Sony does not honor any previous discounts that we may have used to extend our subscription. When switching to a better version of the subscription, an amount is charged to compensate for the difference resulting from the use of promotional rates. Anyone who once wanted to save a lot of money now bitterly regrets it.

Changes are required

You can find similar information in the FAQ section, even at Official Website In the Polish version. under questionHow do I upgrade from PlayStation Plus to PlayStation Plus Extra or PlayStation Plus Premium? We find the following answer:

When we introduce the new PlayStation Plus subscription plans, you will have the option to upgrade to a plan with more features and benefits. After you change your subscription, we will charge you a pro-rata fee to make up the remaining time from your current subscription to the required level. For example, if you purchased a 12-month subscription five months ago and there are seven months left until the end of that subscription, you will need to pay a split fee to match the remaining seven months of your chosen subscription plan. Then, on the next payment date, we will charge you the standard price for the subscription you choose, which will be charged according to the current payment frequency.

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If it looks like that when the new PS Plus debuts in the rest of the world, gamers will be outraged. People that of their time they expanded Subscribing to 2030 for example, they will have to pay a huge amount of money when switching to a better version.

You can buy a PS + subscription here

For subscribers, the best option would be to rename the service. Anyone with a 3-year Classic Plus subscription can convert it to Premium for 1.5 years. As it stands, Sony also punishes its most dedicated customers.

Find out more about PlayStation Plus here:

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  2. Official PlayStation Blog


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