This is just a show.  The Serbian champion defeated the Poles in the group stage of the Europa League

There are 16 teams in the Champions League – the best in theory, although that’s not entirely true. Zagleby Lubin Or Swedish I. K. Savyhov They have been awarded wild cards and are clearly trailing in the group, having lost all eight matches in their groups.

However, in the Europa League there are other leading teams from France, Germany, Romania, Denmark, Norway and Hungary, i.e. strong countries in this discipline. And some of them are like Borussia Dortmund, actually finished his start in the third round of the qualifiers. Polish runner-up A Style can impress.

A display of power on Earth. The Polish runner-up “run over” his competitor

MKS FunFloor Lublin Defeated two-time Serbian champion – ŽORK Yagodina. National handball in Serbia has a slightly higher level than ours, the best players from this country play in foreign clubs, but it is possible to be afraid of this competition. Meanwhile, MKS clearly showed its superiority in the Balkans a week ago – where it defeated its rival 36:20. Now in Hala Globes show it It wasn’t a coincidence.

In the third minute, the visitors were leading 2:1, but then the Polish runner-up conceded four more hits. The Leblanc team began to separate from its rivals and ran impatiently to counterattack. When it’s 21 minutes Magda Więckowska VolScored 17:9 coach Jagodina Dragan Markov Request a break. He couldn’t change much, and the class difference was too great.

And so until the end of the match, the advantage was increasing, although the Leblanc team saved its opponents a little in the last ten minutes. Who knows, maybe with full mobilization they can reach 50 hits. In the 50th minute after Daria Zinkaruk’s goal, the score was 40:20. However, she also defended brilliantly in the Polish national team Polina and Doyak – It obtained 58 percent effectiveness.

Group draw – Thursday. The Polish runner-up may have attractive rivals

Promotion was won in very impressive style – MKS FunFloor scored almost twice as many goals on aggregate than its opponent. After a two-year break, Hala Globes will host group stage matches again.

Their three group stage opponents are for Lublin They will meet next Thursday – Group formations will be chosen by lottery. Two teams from each qualify for the quarter-finals. The Final Four tournament will be held May 11 and 12 2024 p. In Graz, Austria.

MKS FunFloor Lublin – ŽORK Jagodina 44:24 (24:12)

Member of Knesset: Gawlik (7/25 – 28%), Dowiak (7/12 – 58%) – Balsam 11, Szynkaruk 9, Blominska 5, Masna 4, M. Więckowska 3, Roszak 2, Ashrock 2, Kovacova 2, Petras 2, Więckowska 2, Tomczyk 1, Posavec 1, Szczepaniak.

Penalty kicks: 4 minutes. Penalties: 4/4.

Yagodina: Simic (4/33 – 12 percent), Radivojevic (1/9 – 11 percent), Djurasinovic (1/8 – 12 percent) – Gojač 5, Adzic 3, Kojic 3, Raković 3, Petric 3, Marcinic 1, Vajveric 1 , Bojunović, Petrić, Simatović, Mitrović.

Penalty kicks: 4 minutes. Penalties: 1/1.

Game 1: 36:20 for MKS. Promotion to group stage: MKS FunFloor Lublin.

MKS FunFloor Lublin – KGHM MKS Zagłębie Lubin 24:27. The most prominent features of the game. video/Pulsat Sport/Pulsat Sport

Kenja Ashrock/Wojtek Gargiulo/France Press agency

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