May 28, 2023


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This image shows a cloud. But it looks like a Van Gogh painting

From time to time, the Lubuskie Hunters of Storms share unusual photos of clouds and atmospheric phenomena that are impressive. It was no different this time, they showed a cloud that looked like it was drawn. Their unusual colors and wavy shape look amazing.

To be honest, I’m not the only one who thinks of this cloud when looking at it Van Gogh’s work (Although the clouds in Munch’s “Scream” have a wavy shape.) In the comments under the post posted on the Facebook profile, there are many comments: “What beautiful clouds are painted with a brush”, “Like a Van Gogh painting” or “The Starry Night of Vincent Van Gogh”.

Shared photos show the Asperitas Cloud (formerly known as undulatus asperatus) captured near Gorham, New Hampshire, USA. This is a formation that was proposed as a type of cloud relatively recently, in 2009. It was added to the International Cloud Atlas in 2017.

Margaret Lemon of the US National Center for Atmospheric Research was the first person to realize this might be a new type of cloud. After 30 years of photographing clouds, I submitted a photo to the Cloud Appreciation Association in 2006. After the photo was published, other photos appeared, hence the above decision to recognize it as a new cloud.

althoug Asperitas are dark and windy looking, They dissipate mostly without emptying. Asperitas are common in the Great Plains region of the United States, often In the morning or afternoon after a convective storm.

How they form has been studied by the UK’s Royal Meteorological Society since 2009. They are collecting information about the atmospheric conditions in which Aspartas clouds appear, ultimately to determine if they differ from similar cirrus clouds.

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