Psychopaths are most likely to work in the top 10 jobs

We associate the word “psychopath” primarily with films in which a dangerous and unstable bandit stalks his victim by threatening her with a knife. Meanwhile, it turns out that people with psychopathic traits are often our friends or even relatives. It is easy to conclude from this that at least once in our lives we have dealt with a psychopath.

Psychopaths cannot empathize (they have no empathy). Many claim that this is the quality that prepares them for high positions in commercial industries and where objectivity and coolness are required. The psychopath is usually distinguished by a distinct intelligence, that is Focused on achieving a specific goal, highly motivated, cool and rational.

Psychologist Kevin Dutton identified a list of professions that are most often chosen by people with mental disorders, because they are predisposed to them by the above personality traits. The following professions are in the top ten:

  • civil service
  • chef
  • spiritual
  • policeman
  • journalist
  • Surgeon
  • Radio/TV presenter
  • merchant
  • lawyer
  • Director general

Internet users indicate that the top of the list is not a profession, but a job performed in organizational structures. But at the same time, they assure that they know the people who perform it and show restless personality traits.

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