They just got back from space.  The achievements of the Axiom-1 crew will be recorded in the history books

Today will go down in the history of spaceflight. An entirely private crew of astronauts for the first time Axiom 1 She happily returned to Earth from aboard the International Space Station in the company’s Dragon capsule SpaceX. NASA authorities have declared this a milestone in the commercialization of spaceflight. In the near future, the orbit will become a tourist destination for the wealthy.

The mission began on April 8. Then SpaceX’s Falcon-9 rocket blasted off to the International Space Station (ISS) with a team of daredevils on the Axiom 1 mission. The mission leader was 63 years old. Lopez Alegria He was born in Spain. He is the Vice President of Business Development at Axiom. His co-pilot (pilot) was 70-year-old Larry Connor, a real estate and technology entrepreneur in Ohio. The other two crew members are Eitan Stipe, 64, a philanthropist and former Israeli fighter pilot, and 52-year-old Canadian businessman Mark Bathy.

The first commercial astronauts aboard the International Space Station conducted many experiments and devoted themselves to different things Educational programs for young children. NASA revealed that the researchers studied the circulatory and cognitive abilities of the crew in the state of weightlessness. The plan was for the space flight to take eight days. It was extended because the weather on the ground was not favorable for landing and had to be postponed.

Dragon capsule separated from International Space Station Today after 18:00 Polish time. The successful landing occurred in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Florida at 19:04. The space tourists will soon be transferred to the SpaceX ship and will make landfall today. Three Americans, three Russians and one German will remain on the International Space Station.

NASA has already approved a second commercial mission to the company’s International Space Station Axiom Space. The agency approved the missions in near-Earth orbit, as it intends to focus on more ambitious missions, such as returning to the Moon, and missions to Venus and Mars.

Interestingly, Axiom revealed how much each of the private astronauts paid for the unique opportunity to fly into space. It turns out that it’s quite a lot, because we’re talking about $55 million here. This is much more than the edge of space tickets that they offer Virgin Galactic or Blue Origin. Virgin CEO and Amazon founder raises $450,000 per person.

Axiom wants to build in orbit in the 1930s The first space hotel for tourists. According to the plans, it should consist of inflatable modules that NASA tested some time ago in orbit on the International Space Station. In the next ten years, Americans want to build a new commercial space station in Earth orbit, an army and one close to the Moon.

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