They did it again!  moribund but victorious again

PAP/Lech Muszyński/Photo: Bryce Alford (Enea Zastal BC Zielona Góra)

Christopher Kachmarczyk

The problems multiply in Enea Zastalu BC Zielona Góra, and the team … does not stop winning in the Energa Basketball League. This time, Oliver Feden’s players beat Suzuki Arka Gdynia 97:87 and are approaching the play-off stage.

A week ago, with big holes in the formation, in Sopot they managed to favor Trefl. Now – without their captain Przemysław Żołnierewicz (ill) – they fielded another Tri-City team, i.e. Suzuki Arka Gdynia.

How is this possible? Oliver Feden’s players played collegiate basketball. They hunted for the ball, hit 11 3-pointers and won their 15th game of the season.

The first “shotgun” was again Bryce Alvord (28 points), and after Alexander Zisevich failed to play in Sopot, he scored 20 “points” on Friday.

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Zastal played without Alan Hadzibegović, Sebastian Kowalczyk and the aforementioned ołnierewicz. Those who stayed did great. They distributed 30 assists and scored 97 points. Zielona Góra has won 7 of their last 8 matches.

On Friday, the attack dominated CRS Hall from the start. James Florence and DJ Fenner made a strong astronomy move. The former knows the hoops of Zielona Góra perfectly – Zastal’s colors celebrated great moments, won the Polish championship and were awarded MVP in the finals.

On Friday evening, his timer stopped at 24 Ain. Fenner finally completed a double-double. However, the Americans did not manage to lead Gdynia to victory.

Fun fact? Zastal started in the top five with three sons of Polish basketball legends. It included Michal Plota as well as Szymon and Jan Wójcik. The latter ended the duel with 14 points (6/8 of the match) and 12 rebounds.

Enea Zastal BC Zielona Góra – Suzuki Arca Gdynia 97:87 (25:27, 22:23, 22:15, 28:22)

Zestal: Bryce Alvord 28, Aleksandar Zicevic 20, Jan Wojciech 14 (12 XP), Michał Pluta 12, Karim Proton 9, Simon Wojciech 7, Dusan Kotlicic 5 (11 Ice), Tobiasz Didak 2, Jakob Konk 0, Jan Jureczyk 0.

Astronomy: James Florence 24, DJ Fenner 21 (11 zb), Novak Musić 15, Trey Wade 8, Adam Hrycaniuk 8, Dominik Wilczek 7, Wiktor Sewioł 4, Bartłomiej Wołoszyn 0, Michał Lis 0, Iwo Olender 0, Adrian Pajekrt 0.

Energa Basket Liga 2022/2023

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