Fantastic Four: Josh Friedman (Avatar 2) to write the screenplay for Marvel
A scene from Marvel “Fantastic Four” New screenwriter. After the plot invented by Jeff Kaplan and Ian Springer went to the trash can, he took over Josh Friedman.

Josh Friedman: Major projects

The biography of the new writer of “Fantastic Four” includes titles such as: “War of the Worlds”, “Black Dahlia”, “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles”, “The Foundation”, “SnowpiercerFriedman was also one of the creators of the plot of the show “Avatar: Being of Water” – the biggest box office success of the past year.

Fantastic Four: What do we know about the movie?

Marvel has announced plans to film a new Fantastic Four game in December 2020. The film is an adaptation of the comic books about the adventures of astronauts who are exposed to cosmic radiation and as a result gain superpowers. Mr. Fantastic, The Invisible Woman, The Human Torch, and The Thing use their new abilities to battle the villains.

The studio has set the date for the premiere of “Fantastic Four” February 14, 2025. The movie is set to kick off Phase 6 of the MCU. Matt Shakman, best known for his TV series “Wanda Vision,” will direct.

Fantastic Four on the big screen

Theatrical releases of the Fantastic Four to date include The Fantastic Four (1994) by Ollie Sasson, which has never been released, Fantastic Four (2005) and Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer (2007) by Tim Story and Fantastic Four” (2015) by Josh Trank Additionally, John Krasinski appeared as Mr. Fantastic in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (2022).

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