These were moments of horror for Kamel Stoch

PAP / Grzegorz Momot / The fall of Kamil Stoch in Oslo in 2011

Simon Lozinsky

Kamil Stoch could win his first world championship medal in 12 years during the competition in Oslo. At the halfway point of the individual competition on the big hill he was sixth. But what happened in the final, he wanted to forget quickly.

12 years ago, the rebuilt Holmenkollbakken hosted the World Championships. Having won the bronze medal on the intermediate hill, Adam Małysz was the leading Polish medal favorite on the larger hill as well.

Quietly, fans also counted on a successful start for Kamil Stoch, who was finally beginning to prove his massive potential ahead of the tournament. He won World Cup competitions over Wielka Krokiew in Zakopane and Klingenthal.

Before competing on the big hill in Oslo, there was more talk about Malysz’s chances, which initially turned out to be in favor of Stoch. Without much pressure, the future three-time Olympic champion showed a huge jump in the first round. With a slight wind at his back, he flew up to 131 meters.

Adam Malisch didn’t do well. He landed 4.5m and at the halfway point he was only 13th, with no real chance of winning a medal. In contention for the podium was 23-year-old Stoch, who finished sixth at the halfway point, just 3.9 points behind Andreas Köfler third. less than 2.5 metres.

Stoch faced the opportunity of a lifetime. The medal was within his reach and that’s when the pressure began. In the final, Łukasz Kruczek’s pupil did not jump impressively. First of all, it landed 7 meters shorter. Even worse, he was so disappointed with the failed attempt that he failed to focus properly after landing.

At some point, still in the evaluation area, Stoch conquered the sled and fell – still at high speed – on the descent. Medical services came to the pole. The player and the fans had moments of terror, but fortunately it only ended with fear. The bird got up on its own, and nothing happened to it, but with such poor marks of elegance, it had to factor in a significant drop in the competition’s rating.

The fall of Kamel Stoch in Oslo. picture. PAP/EPA/SRDJAN SUKI

In the end, Stoch only finished the competition in 19th place. The aforementioned Małysz was 11th, Gregor Schlierenzauer won gold, compatriot Thomas Morgenstern won silver, and Simon Amann won bronze.

Camille Stoch, in turn, after two years on a large hill in Val di Fiemi did not give his rivals a chance and won the title of world champion.

12 years after the events in Oslo, the Pole can still fight for the first places in the World Cup. On Saturday, this year’s edition of Raw Air started from 13th place. On Sunday’s contest, starting at 4:30 p.m., he’ll want to improve that score dramatically.

Szymon Łożyński, journalist at WP SportoweFakty

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