French goalkeeper with a ridiculous entry.  It was about Lewandowski

Robert Lewandowski’s penalty kicks have always sparked heated debate, especially the one that occurred in Tuesday’s match against the French national team (1-1). Mike Minyan himself commented on the situation in a sarcastic way.

Lewandowski allowed Poland to say goodbye with honor

Unfortunately, the well-known pattern of “opening match, match for everything, match for honor” was also used during Euro 2024. After the second round of the group stage, the Polish national team was sure that it would not be able to qualify. To the 1/8 finals. This is despite the four best third-placed teams in their groups also qualifying. Furthermore, a potential defeat to the French national team would mean that only the white and red team would finish the tournament without scoring a single point. The Poles usually manage to surprise positively in such circumstances and fortunately this has not changed either. A draw with the world runner-up who was not playing for Parsley because The stake was to get out of first placeOne must take into account the great success achieved by Michel Proppers. The only goal for our team was scored by its captain. Robert Lewandowski needed to retake the penalty, but he was eventually able to beat Mike Maignan and secure a point for his side.

Just before the penalty kick, I saw the goalkeeper had left, but the whole replay, all the stress of not making the same mistake, made my heart rate go up to 200. The stress and adrenaline go up. Immediately after the shot, I indicated that the goalkeeper had left and the referee saw that. Fortunately, there was a second penalty kick and I knew I had to take it very accurately so that the goalkeeper wouldn’t save it, even if he chose the right direction.

~Lewie said after the match

Great irony. “87. Zood”

The FC Barcelona striker was very lucky. Minyan blocked his first shot but crossed the goal line before time. For this reason, the referee ordered a rematch, which Lewandowski actually took advantage of. A specific method for executing a penalty kick by the pole It has been controversial for a long time, and has had a broader impact on such a large stage. Even the goalkeeper that Lewie beat himself spoke out loud. Excellence Sport Nation shared the Frenchman’s entry from March 2023. He then mocked the tightening of the rules for goalkeepers, banning them from delaying a penalty kick. He then wrote sarcastically: “New FIFA penalty rules in 2026: Goalkeepers must have their backs to the shot. If play is stopped, an indirect free kick is awarded.”

The agency added, recalling this entry: “When the attacker starts trick 87 during the preparation period.”, as shared by Maignan himself. There is no doubt that the Milan player had Lewandowski’s strike in mind.

“We Play Next” after the Poland-France match. video/INTERIA.TV/INTERIA.TV

Robert Lewandowski match, Wales – Poland/Grzegorz Vajda/Reporter

Mike Maignan’s participation in Euro 2024 is a big question mark/France Press agency

Robert Lewandowski/Jacob Zelebin/INTERIA.PL

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