Dan Bigras will no longer be a spokesman for the asylum: "Age does not diminish concern"

It really is like that [quitter] You’re still madly in love and a blonde who doesn’t argueDan Bigras explains his reasons for leaving, citing his lack of energy, his struggles with anxiety, and what he wants to do. A graceful old age.

It’s not so much cancer, Instead of chemo It took my energy away from me. Accident – when a Truck I was on four wheels and hit my back and I was defenseless – it also drained the energy out of meHe elaborated on The Edge on Thursday, in an interview with the show’s culture columnist Catherine Richer 15-18.

But honestly, there’s also the fact that I’m 64 years old. I don’t really have a preference, it just comes down to practice. He continued by invoking his family history and his genetics, not amenable to major stress.

The reason I take this so seriously is because my father died of heart failure at 57 and my grandfather died at 50. But it is not only the heart, but also their emotions; They don’t age well. They had a very sad old age.

Worry does not diminish with age

Dan Bigras readily admits that a personality other than his probably wouldn’t have reacted the same way to the idea of ​​organizing. Asylum show Or to be a spokesperson for the organization for a few more years. For his part, his anxious nature and his closeness to the cause he was defending made the task seem difficult to bear.

Somewhere, there was a motivation due to finding my little brother in a ditch that pushed me there a little bit. I’m not a caveman, it doesn’t bring back the dead, but instead of being a crazy, crybaby, I could be part of a gang that was part of a solution.He explained.

So I actually took it [cet engagement à cœur], but always with the thought “If I write the wrong number, the show won’t come back, the asylum will be closed, it’s my fault.” I always have it on my shoulders.

He reveals the difference between the transient agony and anxiety he says he suffers from, which finally convinces him to break free.

Anguish, you are an authority on it; You can decide to act in a certain way, angry or calm. Anxiety is so pervasive and has changes so deep within you, so distant, so far back that you can’t even remember, he said. You can do 50 psychoanalyses and there are always cases that escape you.

The idea that we all become Buddhist monks is a joke. Worry does not diminish with age. »

A quote Don Pigras

Nanette Workman and Dan Bigras performed a song during the 1994 Show to Refuge.

Photo: Radio-Canada

Live a beautiful old age

Another big reason behind his departure, as confirmed by Dan Bigras, was that he thought he would be able to reach a peaceful old age, unlike his father or grandfather. I live in the woods by the river; I can live in my studio, I have a very good lifeHe explained.

While recalling his difficult childhood, he says that music and his various commitments allowed him to mend some things in his life. The cause that occupied half of his life is still close to his heart. He promises to be a consultant for the Refuge des jeunes, but as he approaches his 65th birthday, he feels the time has come for his body and soul to be involved in the organization.

I could have a good old age, and it would be foolish to waste it, and suddenly become ill from too much anxiety and too much stress. I worry about that, and I think I have a right to think a little about myself.

One last Asylum show October 13

Before bowing out, Dan Bigras would hold the power of the finale Asylum showOctober 13. The first-ever benefit event at TOHU will be held in front of a limited audience, with only 500 tickets on sale. (new window).

Jeanette Reno, Isabelle Boulay, Marie-Nicole Lemieux, Kylaine Tanguay, Luce Dufault, Samian, Yama and Lulu Hughes will be joining Dan Bigras.

I think this sympathy Children Will be for the rest of my life, so it doesn’t end on that side. I won’t be a spokesperson for the refuge and I won’t be organizing events anymore, but I will have the same passionsThe singer finished.

This text was writtenInterview by Catherine RicherCultural columnist on the show 15-18. Comments may have been edited for clarity or brevity.

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