The.  world Cup.  Paulo Sousa is ahead of Poland and England.  Polish Representation Conference

The Poland-England match will take place on Wednesday, September 8, at 20.45.

Assistant to Jacob Moder was the first to speak at the conference.

On the mood before the match with England:

The atmosphere is positive, and we will definitely go out excited to win and fight for the full bet. When it comes to comparison, the last time we played for England without Robert Lewandowski, and we know how important he is to us. It will be an added value for us. We will miss Piotr Zieliński.

You have to prepare differently for each match. We are playing with a team that is theoretically a higher rank than us, so the plan will be different from matches against San Marino or Albania. We know that England are the runners-up in Europe, and we know the quality of this team. We must come out disciplined and on the defensive. This will be the key.

About Modera’s individual promotion in the team hierarchy:

I tried to give signals and play good matches with the national team and the club. I’m not surprised that it turned out this way because I worked so hard for it.

Is the tie satisfactory:

We focus on victory. Is a tie a good result? It will be easier to say that after the match, because the game may go differently. We are fighting for the full bet because we feel the breath of the Hungarians or Albania behind our backs. With a good result against the English, we will try to “attack” the first place in the group.

How different he is from six months ago:

I haven’t changed much in football, but I’ve played more matches in the Premier League. This league shapes me as a player. I try to build my position in the club and the national team all the time. I’m a young player and I’m improving all the time.

There was no bet with his clubmates on the match against England. We take this match very seriously because we know what is at stake in this match.

About the individual moderator tasks for this match:

England will surely be better organized in defense than San Marino and it will be difficult to play balls like that at that time. We may have two or three of these positions in the game. Looking at the shape of our attackers, I think we’ll be able to score something.

Secondly, Paulo Sousa, the choice of the Polish national team, spoke:

– Peter Zieliński will not play in this match – the coach confirmed.

About preparing for the match:

Gareth Southgate will probably try to change the squad a bit against us. He can play with three defenders. We played really well at Wembley, especially in the second half.

Of course we know that England have key players and we have to be prepared for their playing power because they are used to it in the Premier League. We have to maintain the mentality that we have shown in most of the matches so far.

Losing goals is part of football. Lord is focused on receiving goals, and since I’ve entered, we’ve been trying to focus on scoring them. I confirmed that we will act on our attack. Of course, Robert Lewandowski for us as Leo Messi for Argentina or Cristiano Ronaldo for Portugal – is crucial. These are exceptional players, but they do not work alone. With the energy of a footballer like Robert, we can make a difference. But the team is growing and it gives Robert a chance to show exceptional things.

Arik Milik and Krzysztof Petek, who are currently injured, are our main strikers.

At Euro, we created a good number of goals but weren’t effective enough. We showed this effectiveness against Albania.

On the uniqueness of matches with England:

Facing top footballers is always special, it gives you the opportunity to develop, also in a mental sense. The way we analyze our competitors, make decisions, etc – when unique challenges are required from us, gives us the opportunity to evolve. We want to write a new chapter in the history of Polish football, and we were close to that at Wembley. We have already created something new, we wrote it. The team played in the second half, forcing the English to make many mistakes. I think we are already writing this new chapter because our team has the mentality that they want to win with every opponent.

The mentality I want to see in our team is the mentality of not waiting for what the opponent does, to put pressure on the opponent and force them to make mistakes. We need to be in the best condition for this. The main aspect of tomorrow’s match is to play as close to our target as possible. You have to move it away from our gate.

I hope to do well in tomorrow’s match.

We are unlucky enough that we weren’t able to enjoy the health of our best players at the same time. As a team, we must be better at defensive maneuvers and defensive maneuvers.

Individual ratings of some players:

Adam Buxa may play from the start or enter during the match. This player has made the biggest impression on me lately, also with his stats.

Karol Linetty is one of our best physically prepared assistants. He is a great football player. We are going to demand high power in the game against England, with or without the ball. I am convinced that Carol will have a huge impact on tomorrow’s game.

On a question about the behavior of Polish fans, in the context of UK journalists’ concerns:

Culturally, you know Polish fans better than I do. But I think they always show passion and love for football, they want to transmit positive energy to the players and I am convinced that it will be in the match against England, where they will push us to victory.


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