February 3, 2023


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European League.  Olympique Lyonnais and Eintracht Frankfurt approach the quarter-finals

European League. Olympique Lyonnais and Eintracht Frankfurt approach the quarter-finals

Already in the second minute of the match PortoOlympic Lyon There was an incident that looked very frightening. Their heads hit baby And the Lucas Paquet. Both fell to the ground, and the referee was forced to interrupt the meeting.

crying He was bleeding, a bandage was needed. Back then, no one would have thought that it would be Football player with a bandage on his head He will become the main character of the meeting.

at the same time per minute 60 In the match, it was the Brazilian who directed the ball towards the goal Porto. The goal was initially rejected as the referee saw an assisting position due to the presence of offside in this case Moussa Dembele. VARI analysis However, he showed that the regulations were not violated.

Only three minutes later crying He played with his hand in his team’s penalty area, and the referee pointed to 11 meters without hesitation. But he erred again. After checking the video, it was found that the play was accidental and Penalty kick disallowed.

for the third time It was later found that there was a need to use the VAR technique In the fifth minute of injury time. A goal keeper leon defeated then Mpemba. His joy did not last long – reboots clearly showed that he was offside.

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In the previous two games, football players Eintracht Frankfurt They took a full set of points and scored as many as seven goals. after winning VFP Stuttgart (3-2) It was an amazing victory Hertha Berlin (4-1).

at Seville It turned out that it was no coincidence – the accusations Oliver Glasner They feel good in a foreign area.

agent Bundesliga The fate of the skirmish with Betism He had already decided by the end of the first half. They entered the guest-side shooters list at that time Philip Kostic And the Daichi Kamada. goal Nabil Fikr However, an invaluable prize for the Spanish team may be the prospect of a rematch (March 17).


Pettis He continues his disastrous streak in the cup matches played in his area. just looking European League (formerly UEFA Cup) The team from The capital of Andalusia She was not able to win six games in a row as a host.

Goal: 0-1 packet (60)

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Objectives: 0-1 Kostic (15), 1-1 Think (30), 1-2 Kamada (32)

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