June 2, 2023


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Rosjanie zawieszają tabliczkę na wjeździe do Melitopola (fot. Telegram/Букви. Війна. Україна)

The war in Ukraine, the aggression of Russia. At the entrance to Melitopol was hung a sign “Forever Russia”

At the entrance to the Russian-occupied Melitopol in the southeast of Ukraine is the sign “Melitopol”. Russia is forever.” On Saturday, the mayor of the city warned residents not to accept Russian passports. According to Ivan Fedorov, the Russians issue these documents to the Ukrainians and then mobilize them into the army.

2,800 people managed to leave Mariupol; 531 civilians left Melitopol

On Friday, in Ukraine, we managed to evacuate through two humanitarian corridors, including from the besieged Mariupol, a total of 7,331 people were evacuated – …

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“The Russians nailed the sign “Melitopol. Russia is forever” at the entrance to the city,” says Bukwy and publishes a video clip showing three people hanging a sign on the road with the city’s name on it.

Meanwhile, Mir Fedorov appealed to residents not to accept Russian passports and not to work for the occupation authorities, according to Hromadsky. He stressed that such a document is not recognized by Ukraine or by international organizations.

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Moreover, according to Fedorov, Russians issue passports to Ukrainians and then enlist them in the army. He noted that the residents of the part of Donbass that are not under the control of the authorities in Kyiv were already mobilized in this way. He estimated that the Russians used it as “cannon fodder”.

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