The contract concluded before Russia’s annexation of Crimea could have been terminated, but the delivery of equipment purchased before July 2014 could continue. On Tuesday, he said that such a possibility is clearly enshrined in the sanctions regime that was applied against Russia in 2014. Armed Forces Ministry spokesman Herve Grandjean.

France allowed the implementation of some contracts concluded in 2014 on the basis of the so-called.

“The government does not deny our information, but at the same time it does not explain why it persists Selling arms to RussiaWhile Russian planes bombed civilians in Syria after Russia annexed Crimea in 2014, there was a risk of a military escalation,” the ministry’s argument, co-author of the investigation, comments by journalist Ariane Lavrillo of Disclose.

Ban on arms exports to Russia

From August 1, 2014, the European Union imposed an embargo on arms exports to Russia In response to the war that broke out in the Donbass and the annexation of Crimea. However, according to Disclose, then-President François Hollande and then current head of state Emmanuel Macron allowed “secret arms shipments,” although in 2015 Hollande canceled the sale of two French Mistral-class landing ships to Russia under pressure from the United States.

a look: The war in Ukraine. Mateusz Morawiecki: I have appealed to the European Union to impose a ban on Russian coal

According to Disclose France supplied Russia with thermal imaging cameras to equip the armored vehicles currently used by the Russian army in the war in Ukraine, but also navigation systems and infrared detectors for fighters and combat helicopters. “The equipment installed on helicopters, bombers and tanks is used today against the civilian population in the conflict in Ukraine,” Lavrilux asserts.

According to the journalist, France is acting in contravention of the 2008 common European position, which obliges member states “to refrain from exporting arms if this threatens to aggravate or prolong the conflict.”

Macron: France followed the law

– France complied with international law in 2014 – President Macron responded when asked by journalists about arms supplies to Russia on the sidelines of a visit to Ukrainian refugees in Maine-et-Loire.

President (Francois) Holland He made decisions, including strong and structural ones at that time (…) All contracts that were being implemented by France, which at that time were not in line with what had been established in 2014, were boycotted – Macron emphasized.

The head of state said: – France made decisions that had to be taken in 2014, and here I am defending them, even if it was not me who made them, we adhered to them meticulously and this had to be done.

France respects the rule of law and sanctions.

“It is never good to know that our equipment can be used in war zones,” France 24 quoted LREM Group Vice President Jacques Mayer as saying.

“However France respects the rule of law and sanctions adopted at the European and international levels. However, if this agreement does not conflict with these sanctions, it must be respected, says Meyer, a defense specialist and author of the parliamentary report on arms export control.

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