Germany: Great Environmental Campaign.  They start saving big

German government He wants to impress people To provide active powerbut also to convince you that it is worth investing in Renewable resourcesmaking it faster Germany To become independent, among others from Russia. The entire campaign is planned for the end of 2025 and will be divided into several thematic phases.

The action will be directed primarily to ordinary citizens, but not only, because the addressees will also be local governments, many large organizations and companies. The campaign authors want the easiest way to convince you of this Even a shower change can reduce fuel, gas or electricity consumption by up to 30 percent. There will be information on how to use lighting at home economically, whether it is worth replacing the lamps with LEDs, whether it is better to drive a car to work, or use public transport.

The campaign was planned on different platforms. There will be advertisements in the Internet, in the press, in social media, and there will also be posters and films in preparation, in which there will be tips on how to use energy efficiently. A special helpline will also be launched, and outdoor events will also be organized.

While there are energy issues in the background of this campaign, German Ministry of Economy and Climate She hopes that the message of this multi-year campaign will be broader. It is primarily about the educational aspect at a time when the fight against global warming is taking place all over the world. This campaign is largely aimed at the youth of today, who should learn how to save energy.

For the younger generation, caring for the environment should be a natural thing, says Economy Minister Robert Habeck. Energy prices in Germany have skyrocketed in recent weeks Similar to other European countries, it is difficult to expect a significant decline. This is why the German government wants to actively report on how it manages energy, especially since This year’s winter could be tough, especially when it comes to gas imports.

The campaign was positively received by environmentalists, including BUND, whose representatives believe that three months after the start of the war in Ukraine, it is time to change people’s awareness of how to deal with energy. However, for activists, it is important that the entire procedure is also combined with legal changes that will enable better use of energy and encourage investment in renewable energy or savings.

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