The vaccine won't always prevent infection, but it will protect you from being seriously exposed to it

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Bisha on the introduction of the vaccination test: Yes, it is a difficult political decision

Experts assessed the epidemiological situation during the fourth meeting in the series “Every Wednesday about health with..” comsj ± europjsc ±”, implemented by Serwis Zdrowie PAP in cooperation with the representative of the European Commission in Poland.

Dr. Piotr Kramars, Deputy Head of Scientific Advisory at the European Center for Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases (ECDC), stated that in Europe, including Poland, the most contagious delta type is prevalent. – This is despite its high in many countries vaccinations He said he is against COVID-19. However, in many countries of our continent, not many people have been vaccinated, and Delta attacks mainly these people.

The world is drowning in the fourth wave of the pandemic. Increasing number of infections in other countries [ZDJĘCIA]

Experts appeal: the vaccine primarily prevents the severe course of the disease

It is true that it is possible to get infected with the Coronavirus despite having received the vaccination, which is surprising to many. Serum It does not always prevent infection, but this is not surprising. Above all, it protects against the dangerous course of the disease, which we are most afraid of – explained the CDC expert.

. added In countries with higher immunization coverage, the burden on health is lower. He cited Sweden as an example, where the vast majority of the population has been vaccinated. The opposite is true in Romania, where far fewer people have been vaccinated and there is a shortage of beds in intensive care units.

Experts warn that the course of the fourth wave of infection will be even more severe COVID-19. – First of all, there is more pneumonia, as there are 23 or even 24 out of 25 fields in the lungs. This was not the case before, during previous waves of infection there were 12-15 fields in the lungs. Joanna Zajkowska, Deputy Head of the Department of Infectious Diseases and Infectious Neurology, Białystok Medical University.

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These changes may regress in the lungs, but may progress to fibrosis, which are irreversible changes that deteriorate lung function. During the current wave of disease, some patients develop respiratory failure more quickly. These are mainly obese, diabetics and pregnant women.

a. Zajkowska said it may be a feature of the delta variant, or it may be related to the fact that patients later develop symptoms of COVID-19. And she appealed not to delay in contacting the doctor as soon as symptoms such as shortness of breath, low saturation, chest pain and loss of the sense of smell appear.

SerumPhilippines approves emergency use of Novavax COVID-19

Corona virus in Poland. Experts: Vaccinations help protect yourself and others

According to specialists, it should be taken into account that the number of infections will increase in the coming weeks. This situation may continue until Christmas, when many people are planning a trip and family gatherings. In order to reduce the risk of infection, apart from vaccination, it is worth following basic hygiene rules, such as the use of masks in closed rooms, keeping away from hands and sterilizing them.

a. Joanna Zajkowska urged people who are already entitled to the third dose of the vaccine (adults at least 180 days after the second dose). From the third dose vaccinations Especially the elderly who suffer from many diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and asthma. The specialist also urged young people to be vaccinated with a third dose, for example students who had frequent social interactions.

Experts have argued that vaccination helps protect themselves from COVID-19, as well as other people who cannot be vaccinated due to contraindications, or for whom the vaccine is ineffective (due to an inadequate immune response).

a. Zajkowska argued that public places such as restaurants and cafes should not be accepted by people who have not been vaccinated and cannot provide the appropriate certification. Such solutions have already been introduced in many EU countries, such as ItalyAnd France, Austria, Germany. She also chose this solution Medical Council In the first show. She stressed that this helps reduce the number of infections, but it also protects people who are not immune. (PAP)

Author: Zbigniew Wojtasiński

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