Chiny obniżają rangę stosunków dyplomatycznych z Litwą i grożą konsekwencjami za to, że w Wilnie otwarto przedstawicielstwo Tajwanu. Stany Zjednoczone obiecują Litwie wsparcie w obliczu chińskich nacisków.

China downgrades its diplomatic relations with Lithuania and threatens the consequences of opening a Taiwanese representative office in Vilnius. The United States promised Lithuania its support in facing Chinese pressure.

The Chinese announce the rematch of the decision of the Lithuanian authorities, which agreed to open a representative office in Vilnius Taiwan. Usually, these institutions are called only to represent Taipei, the city which is the seat of the island’s government.

According to the Chinese authorities, St. Vilnius It is the de facto embassy of the island whose territory the Beijing government considers as a base “One China”.

Chinese bombers near Taiwan. Missile defense systems have been activated

Authorities in Beijing say such actions constitute interference in their country’s internal affairs. They openly state that they do not want to allow a precedent that could encourage other countries to approach it Taiwan.

Therefore, Chinese diplomacy not only withdraws the ambassador from Lithuania, but also threatens that the country will suffer the consequences of its actions – as the Chinese Foreign Ministry calls them – “doomed to failure.”

There is only one China in the world, and Taiwan is an inseparable part of it. The Government of the People’s Republic of China is the only legitimate government representing all of China – Read the statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Beijing.

The Lithuanian authorities guarantee their respect for the “one China” principle. At the same time, they defend their decisions and affirm their desire to develop economic cooperation with Taiwan. Our government program says that Lithuania wants stronger economic, cultural and scientific ties with Taiwan – Prime Minister Ingrida Simonetti said:

This cooperation is of exceptional importance right now because Taiwan They account for nearly two-thirds of the world’s semiconductor production, and industries around the world are now experiencing severe chip shortages.

The Taipei government has said that Beijing has no right to comment on Taiwan’s relationship with Lithuania. By the way, he noted that the Chinese Communist authorities have never exercised power over Taiwan and have no right to speak on its behalf.

Tensions have risen across the island recently. China is constantly testing the nerves of the Taiwanese army. Officials in Taipei said today that two nuclear-capable H-6 bombers have appeared near the south of the island.

In the face of these demonstrations of power and escalating Chinese rhetoric, the United States and some US allies are assuring Taiwan of their support. This is met with a harsh reaction in Beijing. Recently, the editor-in-chief of a major party newspaper stated that if Australia In the event of an armed conflict, it will actively support Taiwan, and China will destroy it.

Chinese journalist threatens Australia: It may face a massive attack

conflict Lithuania with China It has been growing for some time. Recently, Lithuanian services published a report in which they recommended not only Lithuanian government officials but also European government officials to refrain from using Chinese telecommunications equipment.

Lithuania, like most Central European countries, has signed agreements with the United States clean net dealon the security of communications. The result is wariness of the Chinese bid to build a 5G network.

Also in Poland, there were votes that the amendment to the law National Cyber ​​Security System directly against the interests of the Chinese company Huawei and may exacerbate relations with China.

United States of America Support Lithuania in its dispute with China. The head of Lithuanian diplomacy, Gabrilius Landsbergis, is scheduled to visit Washington tomorrow, where, among other things, US financial support for the Baltic country is expected.

Lithuania It was the first country to leave the 17+1 Cooperation Forum, which was attended by China as well as seventeen Central European countries, turning the initiative into a 16+1 format.

According to many comments, the capitals of Central Europe are very disappointed in their cooperation with China. As the diplomat recently commented, “Instead of infrastructure, discussions were made, instead of factories, they were given exchange programs, and instead of exports, summer camps.”

It points to the moderate interest of Chinese companies in countries in this part of Europe. Pioneering projects such as the construction of the nuclear power plant at Cernavoda in Romania and the high-speed railway between Budapest and Belgrade have been canceled or postponed.

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