The story of Jerzy Gorski, drug addict and then world champion

The film is the story of Polish Jerzy Gorski Triathlon, world champion in the so-called Ironman triathlon. He received this title on September 3, 1990. Ironman competitions are considered the most prestigious type in the world. Races are organized over the following distances: 3.86 km (2.4 mi) swim, 180.2 km (112 mi) cycling, and 42.195 km (26.2 mi marathon) run. To meet these requirements, you have to be a person with an iron constitution. How did a man who had trained for over twelve years manage to do this? hookedstarted using drugs at the age of 15, ended up in prison several times, broke into pharmacies when he was starving, and was in such poor physical condition that he wasn't expected to live long?

The film tells the story of Jerzy Górski (played by Jakub Jerzal) starting from that dark period of his life when he was boarding in Legnica. But then he went to Munnar. He did not stay there immediately. The addiction recovery program included, among other things, physical exercise. Later, Jerzy, now in a little better condition, went to the swimming pool. He starts working there and meets a man who sees potential in him and becomes his first coach (played by Arkadiusz Jakubek). Jerzy's deadly efforts yielded results, although everything was not always smooth. He survived a terrible car accident and there was a risk that he would not be able to walk. The training lasted six years.

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