Germany: Unidentified assailants hang cards bearing a "Jewish star" in shops in Brussels

Police said 14 A4 cards were placed in the city centre. They were apparently supposed to follow the 2G rule (admission only for people who have been vaccinated and recovered from COVID-19), in force in retail to combat the coronavirus pandemic. Police are investigating a crime.

Pages were spotted on Sunday and immediately removed.

SWR wrote: “Merchandise affected outraged by placing ads in their stores.”

The city of Brussels denounced this act. “This is totally unacceptable and must be prosecuted immediately with full force,” the portal quoted Mayor Cornelia Petzold Schick as saying.

The drawings are intended to be a nod to the times of National Socialism, when Jews were ordered to wear badges linking them to the Star of David.

After numerous anti-Semitic incidents in demonstrations by forensic skeptics in Germany, including. In Munich, the yellow star was banned last year as a sign of protest during demonstrations.

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