June 8, 2023


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The end of the UPC in Poland. The network will change its name

“Betting on the Play brand will allow savings. Now, entering the UPC website, we are greeted by both the cable network logo and the telecom operator” – we read on virtualmedia.pl.

After the article was published, the Play Network also referred to the issue.

“We are developing our services under the Play and UPC brands. As a rule, we communicate business decisions through the official channels of the company,” reads the letter sent to our editorial office.

Play will replace UPC Polska

Last year, Play finalized the 100 percent acquisition. Shares in UPC Polska from its partner UPC Poland Holding BV of the Liberty Global group. She had given her consent to unification earlier European Commission.

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The acquisition of UPC Polska reflects Play and Iliad’s aspirations to Invest in next-generation mobile and broadband networks and services. This transaction is linked to the desire to accelerate investments in the fiber network and contributes to the implementation of the long-term ambition to develop national connectivity in Poland.

UPC Polska was part of Liberty Global, That is, an international operator of television and broadband Internet services, operating in more than 30 countries in Europe, South America and the Caribbean. And at the same time the largest company of this group in Central and Eastern Europe in terms of revenue

As part of the agreement, Play transferred to its subsidiary the assets of the HFC UPC Polska network, which covers 3.7 million households, and as part of the cooperation, PŚO will expand broadband Internet services to more than 6 million households in the medium term. .

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