The scientific elite appreciated by Marshal Marek Wignac.  He distributed scholarships to the distinguished

The scholarship awards went to 89 of the most talented pupils and students from Wielkopolska.

On Thursday, December 16, the 15th edition of the Marshall Scholarships was held online. The best students and outstanding students apply for it.

This year, the Department of Education and Science, the organizer of the project, received 231 applications – 71 from high school students and 160 from students. Among them, the Grants Committee, appointed for the substantive evaluation of the applications, selected 89- 29 people from high schools and 60 students. It consisted of representatives of the Department of Education and Science, whose advisory voice was supported by experts from the universities of Pozna – the Universities of Economics, Medicine and Life Sciences, Adam Mickiewicz University and the Academy of Music. The committee agreed this year and had no doubts as to who would award the scholarships. Reported by the Marshal’s Office of Wielkopolska District.

Among the winners were, among others; Marta Gidaszewska, violinist from the Pozna Music Academy, Oskar Wiśniewski, a graduate of the Medical University, both winners received first-class prizes in the “Student” category. Among the students were: Julia Olszynska from II lO in Pozna and Filip Zavranjak from the technical school complex in Ostrow Wielkopolski, who are interested, among others, in robots used to help patients.

I am glad we have such talented young people. This fact is optimistic, because we want to be a modern and innovative European region, and without these people it would be impossible – Marek Wyniak said during the awarding of the annual Scientific Scholarships to the Wielkopolska Region Marshall.

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