Corona Virus.  Effectiveness of Pfizer and Moderna vaccines

scientists z Japanese National Institute diseases Infectious diseases came to this conclusion on the basis of a survey of 1,130 people who reported fever in June and July at one of the five clinics in Tokyo.

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What do unvaccinated people who go to hospital with COVID say?

Effectiveness of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines against the Corona virus

infection in the study group Corona Virus It was detected in 350 of the 914 people who had not been vaccinated against COVID-19. Among 141 patients after the first dose vaccinations Pfizer or Moderna confirmed infection in 46 people, and in the group of 41 people who were fully vaccinated – only three.

Based on these results, the researchers estimated the effectiveness with which vaccinations Prevent infection. According to them, a single dose protects against infection in 48%, and 2 doses – 95 percent The researchers stress that their calculations are consistent with results obtained in other countries.

Dr.. Velesko: I would like celebrities to stop convincing people to get vaccinated

Japanese Ministry of Health In turn, she stated that vaccines significantly reduce the risk of death from COVID-19 among the elderly. According to these findings, even if a fully vaccinated person is infected with the coronavirus, the risk of death for him is approximately average. Five times less than the average person not immune.

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More than 18,820,084 people in Poland have been fully vaccinated, with two doses of preparations from Pfizer/BioNTech, Moderna and AstraZeneca, or with a single dose vaccine from Johnson & Johnson, according to government websites Thursday.

Corona virus in Poland (illustrative image)The Ministry of Health: 390 new infections with the Corona virus. 7 people died

The number of all vaccinations against COVID-19 that have been administered in our country is 36,335,572. In total, 53,910,230 doses of vaccine have been delivered to Poland so far, of which 3,848,580 have been registered against COVID-19, 391,290 doses have been disposed of. 14,862 vaccine adverse events were reported, most of which were mild.

(PAP) Author: Danuta Starzyńska-Rosiecka.

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