The President of Kazakhstan criticizes Lukashenko.  ‘There were always threats’

Although Kassym-Jomart Tokayev did not directly refer to the opinion of the Belarusian dictator, one can get the impression that his statement was aimed at “extinguishing” the words of Lukashenko, who tried to create a threatening atmosphere at the meeting. According to Belsat, Alexander Lukashenko directly stated that the ODKB countries are threatened by internal armed conflict. He also condemned the ongoing arms race which he believes is being “fueled” by some politicians.

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Tokayev: There were always threats

– Against the background of the disgusting hostile rhetoric of individual politicians and the complete loss of mutual trust, a new arms race is being deliberately created. BelSat quoted the Belarusian dictator as saying that the fires of regional conflicts, including the use of the latest weapons systems, may spread to other countries at any time.

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