The president fired Skype graphic designer Giftpol Radom

“My boss fired me on SKYPE – This is the content of the entry from the user account samoniniko X, which started the internet scandal on Thursday. A graphic designer who was fired from her job posted screenshots of her correspondence with her former boss online. More importantly, it was done on a group of companies, so other employees could read the boss's inelegant entries. The woman did not say which company she was fired from or who her supervisor was.

The employer, in response to the comment that he was just learning how to use the software, wrote to the graphic designer: “Please, please, you've got to be kidding, thank you, bye. I'm not paying tuition.” He continued: “Do you think the company should pay for learning a graphics program?????????”

Screen: x/samonenico

A wave of discontent after the Internet user entered

A wave of outrage erupted online. “This is a scandal, I am spreading it on social media, Let it be how not to deal with employees“I'm sorry that such a situation happened to you,” wrote Wojciech Kardyś, online marketing expert and business consultant. “To the employment court with the motherfucker,” wrote angry commentators on the woman’s entry into X.

Even the famous influencer Sergius Gorsky “Nitrozyniak” commented on the post. “In my case, if someone can't do something and needs it, he takes a training course at the company's expense. But that's the way it is in Januszollandia, everyone is supposed to be 25 years old, childless, and hungry for life. “And aspiring industry experts with 40 years of experience who will work for a bowl of rice. It is also important that they feel grateful and understand that there are many people willing to take their place.”

Internet users quickly found the company name and employer details, among other things, on the popular website Wykop. A few hours later, the fired graphic designer announced the continuation of the unpleasant case. It turns out that the company is sending lawyers to investigate.

“The owner of the company wrote to me that he will send my screenshots to his law firm. Now they hate the company because of me, I did not even mention the name of the company and I wrote the truth just to show how the employee is treated.”“.

Screen: x/samonenico

Giftpol, the graphic designer's company, commented on the matter on Facebook, but that post also quickly disappeared. “Our company employs the best in the industry. We wish everyone good luck! We also thank the haters. According to the principle, it doesn't matter if they say good or bad about you, what matters is that they say it,” they wrote.

Screen: X/Simon Jadzak

On the same day, a longer statement signed by its president, Dariusz Jablonski, appeared on Giftpol's fan page. He presents his point of view on this matter, according to which his company's employees are committed to performing their duties independently and to the fullest extent from the beginning of cooperation.

“Unfortunately, we do not have time to work overtime on a new person and involve other employees in his tasks. When engaging people in new positions, we expect the knowledge and competencies that these people declare during the interview. In this case I decided to resign from the cooperation. This was done via Skype, because I am often far from the company and do not always have the opportunity to contact the employee personally. I can really regret this, it had to happen personally“- writes the head of Radom.

“Management style of farm and serfs”

Ewa Wójcikowska, PR communications strategist from Trufle.PRO – Hub PR agency, does not spare words of criticism directed at the employer in her comment on

– It is clear that we are dealing here with a palace management style, which is usually devoid of any standards, and important aspects such as the image or brand of the employer are treated not as a resource, but as an unnecessary cost. The only priority is to achieve a quick return on investment and increase sales. This style of company management is typical of companies that were founded 20-30 years ago and have remained mentally sound since that time. I wouldn't rely on the company's management to think. Well, unless you experience a heavy influx of customers. However, deep down I feel that the owner's mindset revolves around the awareness that “today's newspapers will line up tomorrow's buckets” and “the caravan is moving on”. – Expert comments for

– In this case, it is worth separating two elements – the style of communication from its form – emphasizes Tomas Alperski, Managing Partner of Komunikacja+ Group, in an interview with

The digital model brings many conveniences, but it also brings threats, an example of which is an employee sharing content on social media that goes beyond the company's internal environment. Just as it takes a long time to build an employer brand, in such situations it can be lost very quickly, almost in a second. The issue of building experience is also important here – such a difficult conversation as the termination of cooperation, regardless of whether it was conducted as a result of an impulse (which was most likely the case with Radom Corporation) or as a result of a long-term analysis, should take place in as comfortable conditions as possible. Possibility for the customer from both sides. Because here we are dealing not only with the exchange of content, but also with the exchange of emotions – this is what the expert analyzes

Thomas Alberski states that values ​​should be the basis for building an employer's image. – This is what actions and experiences follow. In the case of Giftpol, we are dealing with a lack of value as well as a lack of ability to build expertise and awareness of the threats posed by the chosen form of online communication. – says the head of the Kommunikacja+ group.

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